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Gene Murphy,

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2018. This site is for him and others to view his stewardship journey. 


Gene Murphy was born in New York, New York on January 12th, 1960. He grew up in an Army family traveling across the country throughout his childhood. He meet his wife Jana Murphy in Tucson, Arizona. They moved to Prescott, Arizona in 1990 for a job managing Ben Franklin Crafts. Throughout his time in Prescott, they attended Sacred Heart Parish. Gene went on multiple trips to Mexico to help build houses for the poor. He then had the idea to build a Catholic Church in Mexico. He named the project Brick by Brick Ministry. They ended up fundraising enough to build a church, medical, and dental facility on the site. Later, Gene would get a job in Phoenix, Arizona to become the District Manager for Bed Bath and Beyond. After a few years, they decided to move back to Prescott, Arizona to take a job as the Parish Manager for Sacred Heart Parish. While being the Parish manager he worked closely with Plaza Communtaria that helps the Hispanic community through educational and citizenship process. Additionally, Gene in accordance with the Pope’s Climate Encyclical got Sacred Heart Parish church and school to be net carbon neutral saving the church $1.5 million in energy cost. Gene currently lives in Edmonds, Washington where he is avid volunteer at Edmonds Food Bank and a volunteer for Saint Vincent De Paul.


1996-98, Building houses for the poor in Mexico
1999-Present, Brick By Brick Ministry

2009-Present, Saint Vincent De Paul member

2010, Fresh water tank to Nigeria, Africa 

2012-2015, Plaza Communataria volunteer

2012-2018, Prescott area Habitat for Humanity
2012-2016, Sacred Heart Parish Energy Retrofit

2015-2018, Claretian Missionary Finance Counsel
2018, Yavapai Food Bank volunteer

2019-Present, Edmond's food Bank volunteer

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